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What's New for Casper 7.0 Users

Casper 8.0 incorporates major new features and usability improvements, including Windows 8 support, GPT and UEFI support, image file backup capabilities, new SmartResume™ and SmartRestore™ technologies, new and improved SmartStart™ wizards, enhanced SmartSense™ disk and backup detection, new pre-image verification and enhanced automatic copy verification support, enhanced USB 3.0 boot support, plus much more.

  • Enhanced for Microsoft Windows 8 provides enhanced support for all versions of Windows 8, including new functionality available only to Windows 8 users.

  • EXCLUSIVE! GPT and UEFI Support — provides complete support for GPT disk partitioning and UEFI systems.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Image File Backups1 creates, maintains, and restores complete disk image file backups that can be stored virtually anywhere, including on a drive containing other files or remotely on a network attached storage device.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartResume Technology2 — provides support for safely resuming an interrupted backup to another disk or image file backup. Casper will even automatically restart a current backup when a soft failure occurs.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Automatic Pre-Image Verification — ensures all data on source device is accessible before updating an existing bootable backup or non-incremental image file backup.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Enhanced Automatic Copy Verification — now provides post-image verification support for NTFS volumes, making verification faster and fully resumable.

  • New and Enhanced SmartStart Wizards now make it easier than ever to use Casper to create and maintain a complete system backup for your computer, or upgrade your Windows system disk to a faster solid state drive or larger capacity disk.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartRestore Technology — provides easy, one-step support for restoring a system from a backup. Casper automatically locates available backups, you choose which backup to restore, and Casper does the rest. Casper will even seek out your backups from multiple locations.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Automatic Backup Retention Policy1 — provides automatic management of image backups to maintain the perfect balance of backups and storage space utilization.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Casper Backups Folder1 — provides support for quickly locating, mounting and managing all of your Casper disk image file backups.

  • Enhanced SmartSense Disk Detection automatically detects when you attach a new portable disk or an existing backup disk to your computer. Casper SmartSense disk detection technology allows you to begin the process of upgrading or creating and maintaining a backup replacement of your Windows system hard disk the moment you attach a new or existing backup hard disk to your computer.

  • Enhanced USB 3.0 Support3 new support for systems using Intel eXtensible Host Controller driver and native Windows 8 USB 3.0 drivers ensures complete support for booting a backup on a USB 3.0 connected external drive.

  • Enterprise Scripting and Automation Support — provides scripting and automation support to enable custom interface design, operation and integration within an enterprise.

  • Other Enhancements:

    • Additional OEM partition support
    • New options
    • and more...

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If you are a registered owner of Casper 7.0 and you purchased your copy on or after 1 May 2013, this upgrade is free -- click here to download the upgrade now. If you purchased your copy of Casper 7.0 before 1 May 2013, you can Upgrade to Casper 8.0 for just $24.95. Registered owners of the Casper 7.0 Family Value Pack acquired before 1 May 2013, can Upgrade to the Casper 8.0 Family Value Pack for $34.95.

If you are a registered owner of a prior version of Casper, you can Purchase a cross upgrade to Casper 8.0 for $34.95.

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1 This feature is supported only when running on Windows 7 and later.
2 This feature is currently supported only for volumes formatted with the NTFS file system.
3 This feature requires a computer with BIOS or UEFI firmware support for booting from USB hard disk drive (USB-HDD) devices. Not all computers support booting and running from USB hard disk type devices. Some computers equipped with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports will support booting only when the device is connected to a USB 2.0 port.

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