Drive2Drive™ 2.0 makes upgrading to a new hard disk faster and easier than ever. With Drive2Drive you don't have to be a professional computer technician just to replace your old hard disk with a new high-capacity hard disk.

Drive2Drive runs entirely from within the Microsoft Windows environment. There is no need to create a special startup disk or waste time learning archaic DOS commands or computer jargon to use Drive2Drive. With its simple wizard-based design you will be copying everything from your old hard disk to your new one in a matter of minutes -- all without losing a single user preference or byte of data.

Exclusive - Drive2Drive is the only hard disk copying utility that can seamlessly copy spanned drives! Other copying utilities work entirely at the partition level.

Drive2Drive works at both the logical volume level as well as the partition level. This unique design allows Drive2Drive to copy virtually any type of logical volume that can be assigned a drive letter including spanned volumes created by utilities like DriveSpan.

Drive2Drive can be used to copy an entire hard disk or copy an individual drive or partition to another hard disk. With Drive2Drive you can even copy drives that have been spanned with DriveSpan. If you are copying a smaller disk to a larger disk, Drive2Drive lets you resize the drive(s) being copied to take advantage of the additional space provided by the larger disk. Drive2Drive also can be used to create a new drive by automatically partitioning and formatting a hard disk for you.

Drive2Drive works with any hard disk recognized by Windows including IDE, SCSI and USB drives. If you own a laptop, Drive2Drive makes backing up or upgrading your laptop's hard disk is as easy as plugging in an external USB drive.

Drive2Drive also features plug and play detection of new hard disks. This means the moment you add your new hard disk, Drive2Drive is there to guide you through the entire process of copying your existing data, applications, and operating system from your old hard disk to your new one.

Drive2Drive is compatible with all versions of Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME. For Windows Vista/XP/2000, please check out Casper.

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It simply works. Its inexpensive. I thought all I ever would need was Norton GHOST, but when Ghost choked on trying to copy a WinME 13gig drive over to a virgin 75gig drive, I thought I was done for... Get D2D and be done with it!

Fred King

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Key Features
  • Fast, easy-to-use wizard interface.

  • SmartWrite™ Technology quickly copies an entire hard disk or individual drives (partitions).

  • Resizes drives during the copy to make full use of a new hard disk.

  • Automatically converts drives from FAT16 to FAT32 during the copy when running under Windows 98 or Windows 95 4.00.950B (OSR2) or later.

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