Future Systems Solutions Launches Casper™ 7.0 Tech Edition for Computer Technicians, System Integrators, and IT Departments

Indianapolis, IN – August 6, 2012 – The easiest and fastest disk upgrade and backup utility for IT professionals just got better. Future Systems Solutions, Inc. (www.fssdev.com) announces the latest version of Casper Tech Edition, its popular backup and disk cloning solution designed specifically for computer technicians, system integrators, and IT departments. Casper 7.0 Tech Edition makes it faster and easier than ever to upgrade, replace, back up, restore, and re-image Windows system disks on servers, desktops, and laptops alike.

New functionality adds support for creating, maintaining, and restoring disk image file backups that can be stored virtually anywhere, including network attached storage devices and drives containing other data.  In addition, exclusive SmartClone™ technology safely eliminates the redundant transfer of data during the imaging process, dramatically reducing the time required to update a backup, restore, or re-image a Windows system.

A new customizable startup environment, streamlined interface, and SmartStart™ wizards make short work of hard disk upgrades and replacements too. With automatic detection of new disks, Casper 7.0 Tech Edition enables commonly performed disk upgrades and replacements to be started with a single click.  

New features include:

Disk Image File Backups – create, maintain, and restore disk image files, which can be stored virtually anywhere.

Startup Disk Creator Wizard – create a customized startup environment for Casper Tech Edition with options to add additional storage and network drivers, custom drivers, custom network settings, and more.

SmartStart™ Wizard – greatly simplifies the process of replacing an existing Windows system disk with a new disk.

New Streamlined Interface – enables faster and easier hard disk upgrades and managed backups.

Enhanced AccuClone™ Technology – provides additional support for cloning larger drives to smaller drives, making migration to Solid State Drives faster than ever.

Casper SmartRelease™ – automatically prepares portable drives for safe removal after a copy has been completed.

Enhanced Solid State Drive (SSD) and Advanced Format Drive Support -- additional support for identifying solid state and Advanced Format drives

Casper 7.0 Tech Edition is available now.  For additional information, please visit http://www.fssdev.com/products/casperte/.

About Future Systems Solutions, Inc.

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