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Casper Secure Drive Backup Box Shot

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Casper Secure Drive Backup Box Shot

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Image of Casper Secure Drive Backup Main Console

Casper Secure Main Console (Dimensions: 881 x 643 Type: PNG Size: 58.4 KB)


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The only backup and recovery solution designed specifically for users of Windows BitLocker™ and Symantec™ (PGP™) Drive Encryption technologies, Casper Secure Drive Backup completely eliminates the unnecessary downtime and security and compliance risks associated with other backup and recovery products. Casper Secure creates a complete, fully encrypted backup of your encrypted Windows system drive in its original encrypted state without ever leaving Windows. When disaster strikes, you can restore your backup to its original encrypted state or simply boot and run your computer directly from your encrypted bootable backup and be back up and running again immediately.
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