Casper  NEW! Casper™ 11


  • Backup Protection Designed for Windows — create a complete copy of a PC's system drive — without restarting or ever leaving Windows.

  • Instantly Bootable Backups — instantly boot and run your PC from any Casper system backup for rapid recovery in an emergency.

  • Multiple, Rapid Recovery Options — replace a failed system drive with a Casper Bootable Backup for immediate recovery or boot and run directly from a Casper Restore-Point Backup to use your PC while performing a full system restore.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Effortless Restoration — simply choose which backup to restore and Casper SmartRestore™ technology does all the rest.

  • Reliable Backups — Automatic Copy Verification ensures backups are never corrupted during the imaging process by faulty RAM, a defective cable, failing disk or controller interface.

  • Verifiable Recovery — boot and test any Casper system backup or quickly boot and test a system image backup in a VM for peace-of-mind at any time.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Easy Upgrades — quickly duplicate a drive to another. Casper makes it extraordinarily easy to safely and securely upgrade your system to a larger drive for increased capacity or to a new Solid State Drive (SSD) for improved system performance.

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