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Great product. I've been a customer for a long time. Keep up the good work.

D. McCoy



I have used your software since Disk to Disk, D2Ddrive, Casper 4.0, and now Casper 7.0. The software just gets better. I just used Casper 7.0 to migrate Windows 7 on a 320 GB drive to a larger. Will use the old 320 GB drive as backup.

Keep up the good product.

R. Davis



Amazing, so easy to use and worked flawlessly!

A. Lowe



This is the best software I've ever owned!!!!! Saved me many times.





I just wanted to mail to say that Casper has just saved my computer big time. I have used Casper for many years and it has been useful in the past. Last night, I got the daddy of all malware from what look like a legitimate application. It even scrambled my Norton security software twice! After replacing the HD with the Casper backup, cleaning the infected disk and then re-backing up, I'm back as good as new. I back up with Casper regularly and what could have been a disaster was fixed in a couple of hours.

Please feel free to use these comments to let others know how good Casper is.


Tom Tomlinson



Just to say what a great piece of software no messing about copies perfectly every time and you don`t need a phd to run it, every person that is serious about computing and backup should have this and I've used them all. Casper is all you need.

John Bryan



WOW, Casper is the best disk cloning software I have used, its the best thing I have bought, thanks and regards.

Bill Mason



Having upgraded to Casper 7, I must congratulate you for a great product. SmartClone is much faster and the additional tools are fantastic. Many thanks for a must have disc cloning software.

Alan Rippon



Just to thank you for the very best drive cloning software in the world! It has saved me unbelievable amounts of labor hours and frustration. It simply works as it should with no weird errors or vague security popups, like some others I could name. Thanks again for making my life's work better!

William Peterson



I've done two backups using Casper and I must say I am extremely pleased with how it works. I booted to the back up drive and was able to read everything.

I've been looking for a back up software for several years I don't know how I didn't discover CASPER sooner!

Great job!


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