Casper  NEW! Casper™ 11

What's New for Casper 8.0 Users

Casper 10 incorporates major new features and usability improvements, including Windows 10 support, the ability to create complete system backups while running as a standard user, enhanced image file backup capabilities, including support for drives greater than 2TB, new SmartStart console, USB 3.1 support, plus more.

  • Windows 10 Support provides full support for all versions of Microsoft Windows 10, including new functionality available only to Windows 10 users.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Bootable Image Recovery† makes it possible to boot and run your PC directly from a Casper Restore-Point Backup for immediate recovery.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Virtual Boot and Test† provides support for instantly booting and running a Casper Restore-Point Backup within a temporary Windows Hyper-V Virtual Machine for testing.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Standard User Support — allows running from a standard user account, making it possible to safely and securely create instantly bootable backups and restore-point backups without requiring unnecessary administrator privileges.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Large Disk Image File Backups† removes drive size restrictions, giving you the ability to create Casper Restore-Point Backups and disk image files for virtually any size drive, including drives larger than 2TB.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Enhanced Image Store Capabilities† allows you to store Casper Restore-Point Backups and disk image files on virtually any size drive, including drives larger than 2TB.
  • EXCLUSIVE! AccuClone† Enhancements new support for partition resizing using AccuClone imaging, ensuring optimium performance while migrating to smaller sized devices such as solid state NVMe devices.
  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartClone+† new differential image technology, which provides even faster imaging and smaller differential images when more frequent backups are required.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Improved SmartResume™ Technology† — provides enhanced support for safely resuming an interrupted backup to another disk or image file backup.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Automatic Copy Verification Enhancements — improve performance of inline data verification.
  • New SmartStart Console makes it easier than ever to create and maintain complete system backups for your computer or upgrade / replace your PC's system drive with a faster solid state drive or larger capacity drive.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Casper Backups Folder† Improvements — provides new and improved support for quickly locating, mounting, testing, and managing all Casper restore-point backups.
  • USB 3.1 Support† provides complete support for creating, restoring, and booting backups on a USB 3.1 connected external drive.
  • Group Policy Administration — gives system administrators complete control over functionality to make available to standard users.
  • Other Enhancements:
    • Other minor improvements
    • New options
    • and more...