Casper Secure  NEW! Casper Secure™ 6.0

Encrypted PC Backup Protection Designed for Rapid Recovery

Casper Secure makes it a snap to keep a rapid-recovery backup for your encrypted PC without ever compromising security or HIPAA compliance. When things skip a beat, your system can be up and running again instantly. Casper Secure keeps it easy.

  • Fast, Complete, Encrypted Backups

    Casper Secure creates a complete, fully-encrypted backup of your encrypted Windows system drive in its original encrypted state.

    • The only PC backup and recovery solution engineered specifically for users of Windows™ BitLocker™ and Symantec™ (PGP™) Drive Encryption technologies.

    • Everything remains in its original encrypted state throughout the backup process.

    • No lengthy and insecure decryption and re-encryption steps required.

  • Rapid, Fully-Encrypted Recovery

    Whether you need to recover a single file or your PC’s entire system drive, recovery could not be faster, easier or more secure.

    • Completely eliminates the separate data restoration and re-encryption steps required by other solutions.

    • Everything remains in its original encrypted state throughout the entire recovery process.

    • No additional passwords or exotic procedures to follow.

  • Bootable Backups Provide Instant Recovery

    Casper Secure can turn virtually any drive, including a portable USB drive, into an instantly bootable encrypted backup drive that you can use to boot and run your PC in an emergency. If your PC’s system drive should fail, simply restart your PC from your backup drive or remove the failed drive and replace it with the backup drive. Either way, you can be up and running again in no time!

    • No restoration required. You save time and eliminate downtime.

    • Simply boot and run your PC directly from your encrypted backup drive. It’s that easy!

  • Restore-Point Backups Provide Selectable Point-In-Time Recovery

    A Casper Secure Restore-Point Backup stores a complete image of your PC’s encrypted system drive that you can use to quickly restore selected files and folders or your PC’s entire system drive to a previous point in time.

    • Maintain multiple, complete system drive backups on a single backup device.

    • Restore any image directly to its original encrypted state without ever putting data at risk or requiring a separate, time-consuming data re-encryption step.

    • SmartRestore™ technology makes recovery as easy as booting to a Casper Restore-Point Backup drive.

  • Quick and Easy System Drive Upgrades

    Casper Secure makes it extraordinarily easy to safely replace your PC’s encrypted system drive with a larger drive for increased capacity or with a faster SSD for improved performance.

    • Quickly clones an encrypted system drive to a new drive without requiring a time-consuming or unsecure back up, restore, and re-encryption process.

    • Automatically resizes and aligns partitions during the cloning process to ensure full use of larger disks and optimal performance of solid state and advanced format devices.

    • 1-Click SmartStart™technology makes the entire process extraordinarily easy.

  • Ensures Compliance with Existing Security Directives

    Casper Secure completely eliminates the security and compliance risks associated with other backup and recovery solutions.

    • Maintains 100% compliance with all enterprise-wide data security directives and HIPAA requirements.

    • Encrypted data is never placed in an exposed or unencrypted state.

    • All data remains in its original encrypted state during and after the backup and recovery processes.

    • No new passwords for you to remember or IT to manage and no new encryption technologies to vet.

    With Casper Secure, the backup is guaranteed to be as secure as the original.

  • Fast Backups, Stress-free, Rapid Recovery

    • Exclusive SmartClone™ differential block imaging technology rapidly creates incremental images and updates bootable backups.

    • Bootable system backups provide immediate recovery, eliminating downtime and ensuring minimal service interruption.

    • Innovative SmartRestore technology provides easy, one-step support for quickly and safely restoring an encrypted backup.

  • Reliability Assured with Verifiable Recovery

    • Exclusive SmartSight™ automatic pre-image verification technology maintains backup integrity even when an image source contains newly damaged or inaccessible data.

    • Advanced data verification technology ensures data is never corrupted during the disk imaging process by faulty RAM, a defective cable, failing disk, or bad controller interface.

    • Temporarily reboot to any system backup or quickly boot and test a system image backup in a VM for peace-of-mind at any time.

  • Convenient and Easy to use

    Casper Secure allows complete system backups to be performed at any time without ever leaving Windows.

    • You don’t need to stop working and restart the computer to create a backup.

    • Easy to follow wizards and innovative technologies like Casper SmartStart™ make it easier than ever to create and maintain complete system backups for your encrypted PC.

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