Casper Secure Server Edition  NEW! Casper Secure™ Server Edition


  • Only Backup and Recovery Solution Designed Specifically for Windows™ BitLocker™ and Symantec (PGP™) Drive Encryption Technologies — Casper Secure completely eliminates the unnecessary downtime and security and compliance risks associated with other backup and recovery products.

  • Safe, Secure, Fully Encrypted Backup and Recovery — Casper Secure ensures all of encrypted data remains in its original encrypted state during and after backup and recovery. Unlike other products that can create and restore only an unencrypted backup of an encrypted system drive, Casper Secure will create, maintain, and restore a backup that retains all of the encrypted data in its original encrypted state. With Casper Secure, data is never placed in an exposed or unencrypted state.

  • Ensures Compliance with Existing Security Directives -- Because all data is copied, backed up, stored, and restored in its original encrypted state, there are no new passwords to manage, and more importantly, there are no new security protocols or encryption technologies to vet. With Casper Secure, the backup is guaranteed to be as secure as the original.

  • Fast Disk Upgrades and Replacements — Casper Secure quickly clones an encrypted drive or hardware RAID array to increase speed, increase capacity, or replace a failed disk or array without requiring a separate laborious, time-consuming and unsecure backup, restore, and re-encryption process. Supports all SAS, SATA, SCSI, ATA/IDE, and hardware RAID configurations, including solid state devices and solid state arrays.

  • Instantly Bootable Backups — A Casper Secure Bootable Backup can be used to instantly boot and run an encrypted server in an emergency, ensuring minimal service interruption.

  • Rapid Recovery — Replace a failed encrypted system drive with a Casper Bootable Backup for immediate encrypted recovery or quickly restore from a Casper Restore-Point Backup for rapid encrypted system recovery. Casper Secure completely eliminates the separate, time-consuming and risky unencrypted data restoration and re-encryption steps required by other drive imaging and backup solutions.

  • Effortless Restoration — Casper SmartRestore technology provides easy, one-step support for quickly and safely restoring a failed encrypted system disk or encrypted RAID array from a backup.

  • Reliable Backups — Advanced data verification technology ensures a Casper Secure backup has not been corrupted during the imaging process by faulty RAM, a defective cable, failing disk or controller interface.

  • Verifiable Recovery — Quickly boot and test an encrypted system image backup in a Windows VM for peace-of-mind at any time.

  • Around the Clock Protection — Designed from the ground up for encrypted Windows servers, Casper Secure enables completely unattended, bootable system backups to be created without restarting or interrupting the operation of a server for true, "set it and forget it" piece of mind.

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