Casper Server Edition  NEW! Casper 11 Server Edition


  • Fast Disk Upgrades and Replacements — Casper quickly clones a single disk or hardware RAID array to another to increase speed, increase capacity, or replace a failed disk or array. Supports all SAS, SATA, SCSI, ATA/IDE, and hardware RAID configurations, including solid state devices and solid state arrays.

  • Instantly Bootable Backups — All Casper system backups can be used to instantly boot and run a server in an emergency, ensuring minimal service interruption.

  • Rapid Recovery — Replace a failed system drive with a Casper Bootable Backup for immediate recovery or boot and run from a Casper Restore-Point Backup to minimize service interruption while performing a full system restore.

  • Effortless Restoration — Casper SmartRestore technology provides easy, one-step support for restoring a failed system disk or RAID array from a backup.

  • Reliable Backups — Advanced data verification technology ensures a Casper backup has not been corrupted during the imaging process by faulty RAM, a defective cable, failing disk or controller interface.

  • Verifiable Recovery — Quickly boot and test a system image backup in a Windows VM for peace-of-mind at any time.

  • Around the Clock Protection — Designed from the ground up for Windows servers, Casper enables completely unattended, bootable system backups to be created without restarting or interrupting the operation of a server for true, "set it and forget it" piece of mind.

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