Casper Server Edition  NEW! Casper™ 8.0 Server Edition


  • NEW! Bootable Backups — creates and maintains a complete, instantly bootable backup replacement disk or RAID array for a Windows server.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Image File Backups† — creates and maintains complete disk image file backups, which can be used to quickly restore the server to a previous point in time.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartStart™ Wizards — make the process of backing up or replacing a Windows server system disk faster and easier than ever.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartRestore™ Technology — provides easy, one-step support for restoring a server from a backup. Casper automatically locates available backups, you choose which backup to restore, and Casper does the rest. Casper will even seek out backups from multiple locations.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Automatic Backup Retention Policy — provides automatic management of image backups to maintain the perfect balance of backups and storage space utilization.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Automatic Pre-Image Verification — ensures all data on source device is accessible before updating an existing bootable backup or non-incremental image file backup.

  • EXCLUSIVE! AccuClone™ Technology — exclusive disk imaging technology designed to enhance performance and virtually eliminate I/O degradation and other problems caused by poorly engineered and misbehaving third-party drivers and applications when imaging a disk within Windows.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartClone™ Technology — dramatically reduces the time required to update a backup. Casper's innovative SmartClone technology enables Casper to maintain a complete backup replacement hard disk or image file backup for a server in the same amount of time required by other backup and disk imaging solutions to perform a partial or incremental backup to a proprietary archive.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartWrite™ Technology — automatically optimizes disk I/O to maximize performance and minimize CPU utilization and Windows resource demands during the disk imaging process. Casper's innovative SmartWrite technology ensures maximum performance and uninterrupted use of the server when performing a backup.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartResume™ Technology† — provides support for safely resuming an interrupted backup to another disk or image file backup. Casper will even automatically restart a current backup when a soft failure occurs.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Automatic Copy Verification™ — assures the reliability and dependability of the backup by ensuring it is not corrupted during the disk imaging process by faulty RAM, a defective cable, failing disk, or bad controller interface.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartSense™ Disk Detection — automatically detects when a new portable drive or existing backup drive is attached to the server. Casper SmartSense disk detection technology allows you to begin the process of upgrading or creating and maintaining a backup of a Windows server's system drive the moment you attach a new or existing backup drive to the server.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartSense™ Automatic Backups — fully automates the process of maintaining a system backup on a portable drive, making it easier than ever to maintain a complete, instantly bootable backup or restorable image backup on an external USB drive.

  • Integrated Scheduling — performs backups automatically on a routine basis. Casper's integrated scheduling ensures backups are always up-to-date.

  • EXCLUSIVE! 1-Click Cloning™ — permits routine backups to be performed at any time with a single click. Casper's 1-Click Cloning support makes performing on-demand backups a breeze!

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartRelease™ — automatically prepares a portable backup drive for safe release after the backup has been completed. Eliminates the need to use the Windows Safely Remove Hardware utility to safely remove a portable drive after a backup.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Casper Backups Folder† — provides support for quickly locating, mounting and managing Casper disk image file backups.

  • Automatic Performance Throttling — maintains responsiveness of server while Casper performs a backup in the background. Automatic performance throttling ensures the backup process completes entirely in the background without interfering with the normal operation of the server.

  • EXCLUSIVE! SmartAlert™ Notifications — notifies you via email when a backup has been completed or only when a backup requires attention for true “set it and forget it” operation.

  • EXCLUSIVE! GPT and UEFI Support — provides complete support for GPT disk partitioning and UEFI systems.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Solid State Drive (SSD) and Advanced Format Drive Support — ensures optimal performance of solid state and Advanced Format drives by automatically optimizing the alignment of data during the imaging process.

  • NEW! Automatic Volume Resizing — optionally resizes volumes and partitions automatically when cloning or restoring an image to a larger or smaller disk.

  • EXCLUSIVE! USB Boot Capability† — creates a fully bootable copy of a Windows server system drive that can boot and run directly from an external USB drive.

  • Designed for Windows Server — provides complete disk imaging capabilities entirely from within the Windows environment. When you use Casper, you never have to shut down or restart a server to create and maintain a backup.

  • Advanced Disk Management — provides advanced disk management functionality. Use Casper Explorer to review past activities performed with Casper, create and remove partitions, change the active partition, change a drive letter assignment, replace damaged or missing boot records, and more.

  • Enterprise Scripting and Automation Support — provides scripting and automation support to enable custom interface design, operation and integration within an enterprise.

  • Native 64-bit Support — provides true 64-bit performance on Windows 64-bit platforms.